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Are your greatest areas of potential what you think they are?

Restaurant leaders try every creative trick in the book – bigger menus, limited offers, loyalty programs – to stay ahead of trends and the competition.

But since everyone is trying the same things, it makes sense that they don’t give you an advantage for long.

Instead, a restaurant’s best long-term growth potential is not found in better or newer ideas but rather a stronger people and culture strategy. And our research supports it.

We created this guide to give you our insights about restaurant culture and to help you start thinking:

What can I invest in today that will keep me ahead of the competition in the future?

Pie Chart showing 43%

Loyalty point increases are 43% higher in the properties of highly engaged owners compared with those of less-engaged owners.

Pie chart showing 58%

Revenue growth for locations in the top quartile of engagement is 58% higher year over year than for those in the bottom quartile.